Alumni Spotlight: Lorenzo Libanori

Hello everyone!

My name is Lorenzo and I graduated from UIBS in June 2010 with a Graduate/Master Degree in International Management. I decided to go for this graduate degree after my Chemical Engineering studies to give me a good foundation on how businesses work as well as to give me an aid in achieving a future management position. I am currently working as a Project Engineer with Tata Steel, a multinational steel making company in the UK.

Even though I only started a few months ago, I have had numerous chances to apply the knowledge gained at UIBS. As a project engineer it is needless to say that the Project Management module has been very important in ensuring a smooth transition between the education and work environments. The time management and organizational skills have so far helped me to progress in the projects I have been a key part of. I see that compared to engineers who are at the same level as I am, I am much more aware of how the business part of it all works.

The course modules which have assisted me the most so far are those in the area of Operations Management due to the nature of the business; however the Financial Management modules are also coming in very handy when needing to calculate the profitability of projects and where to spend the working capital. The Managing Across Cultures module has helped me settle into a completely new environment with a lot of colleagues coming from different backgrounds. Within a few weeks of starting work, I had established good work relationships.

I am sure that in the future I will be able to apply an even greater part of the knowledge gained while at UIBS, but so far into my career I have been surprised by how much I have used already and I am very glad I have gone with my decision of following the business and management program I did.

Lorenzo Libanori Project Chemical Engineer BEng (Hons) – MIM – AMIChemE