Barcelona students attend conference with Belgian former Prime Minister Mr. Guy Verhofstadt

Students from the Barcelona Business School recently attended a conference with the Belgian former Prime Minister Mr. Guy Verhofstadt.

Organized partly in English and partly in French, the conference handled such topics as the current worldwide financial and economic situation, a further integration of the European Union, and other contemporary issues such as energy, terrorism and society in general. With good reason, the conference was named “A New Age for Empires”.

“It was one of the most interesting conferences I have attended so far. Being from Germany myself and having little background knowledge on Belgian politicians and governments, Mr. Verhofstadt certainly seems like a very knowledgeable and interesting man. The topics he covered were profound and definitely reflective of our modern 21st century society. Making jokes every once in a while makes it even more enjoyable to listen to him”, says Katrin Schöppler from Germany, currently an undergraduate student in the Business Studies program.

The invitation to attend came from the local Belgian Consulate, headed by Honorable Consul Mrs. Karina Tuytschaever, in cooperation with the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Catalonia.

Students and staff from the Barcelona Business School wish to thank the Consul and the members of the Consulate and Chamber for extending this invitation and for organizing this first-class conference!