DBA student Morten Paustian publishes two new books

Our Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) graduate, Morten Paustian, recently published two books through Lulu.com. Dr. Paustian is a Danish philosophical thinker and leadership adviser for corporations, entrepreneurial endeavors, artistic and cultural organization, and public institutions. As the creator of his own philosophical ideas, he has pioneered leadership from a philosophical point of view and contributed new conceptual frameworks within leadership and business development, cultural integration, and research methodologies.

Philosophical Leadership & Business Development: Methodologies to Enrich Life Forces and Originality brings the mind of the philosopher to the business world. The essence activates a pre-sensation skill by following the methodologies and ideas of various philosophers and thinkers. Through it, we comprehend knowledge within a coordinated space of consciousness. That yields the reality to be presented. Philosophical Leadership & Business Development: Methodologies to Enrich Life Forces and Originality offers completely new philosophical insight to business. Through use of the methodological framework known as cardiography, practitioners learn to embrace their life forces and originality as inspirational guidelines to develop new business ideas.

In Leadership Development: The Practice of Philosophical Counseling in Everyday Life, Dr. Morten Paustian introduces leadership development as a self-creating study motivated by the need to illustrate the practice of intuition. In order to do so, a process of development occurs, to unfold and expand human awareness. Through this process, the concept that human consciousness is present anytime and anywhere appears for consideration. Dr. Paustian’s process of development raised his own consciousness from being occupied with simple acknowledgements of hermeneutical proximities to becoming aware of a force of coherence generated by a philosophical recognition of what can be defined as a parallel motion of the prevalence of intimacy.