Guest Speaker from the Canadian Embassy at the Brussels Business School

Graduate students at the Brussels Business School were welcomed for a short seminar organized by the Counselor and Senior Trade Commissioner of the Canadian Embassy in Brussels, Ms. Andrée Vary.

The Commissioner spoke about the economic relations between Canada and the European Union, the importance of close cooperation and development between industry and universities, investment opportunities in Canada, and Canadian representation in Europe. Also covered was the current round of negotiations between Canada and the European Union about the development of a free trade agreement.

The seminar was organized as part of the Doing Business with Europe course, a graduate specialization course in the European Management program. The course was taught by Senior Professor Mr. Ian Goldring who has been with the school for several years. Mr. Goldring has a Master in Management and Urban Studies and is actively working in Brussels on various EU-related projects.

Further information about the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service in Belgium and Luxemburg is available on the following websites: