Mr. Gour Saraff, Associate Dean at the Valencia Business School, invited to speak at the Global China Business Meeting in Valencia, Spain

Mr. Gour Saraff, the local Associate Dean at the Valencia Business School, was recently invited to speak at the 7th Global China Business Meeting in Valencia on November 7-8, 2011. Next to his academic responsibilities at our campus in Valencia, Mr. Saraff is the Director of the Europe India Chamber of Commerce in Spain.

Along with his colleague Dr. Ivan Tselichtchev, Representative Director at the Tokyo Business School, over 400 business leaders and key government officials met under the theme “Globalizing Chinese Firms”. The theme reflects the increased emphasis of Chinese firms to build global and sustainable brands.

The event was hosted and organized by Horasis, a global visions community committed to enact visions for a sustainable future and providing a unique platform for companies from emerging markets to globalize their organizations through regional meetings with focus on China, India, Russia and the Arab world.

“Delegates will debate the impact of the global economic crisis and how China is shaping the post-crisis world. China’s lead in the global economic recovery has been underscored by effective government stimulus measures, robust domestic consumption and increasing economic integration on a regional and global level. The 2011 Global China Business Meeting will attach importance on the increasing role that China plays in global trade and investment.”