Student News: Graduate student Barcelona Business School participates in Catalonia Model United Nations

Recently, Samer Ajour, one of the graduate students at Barcelona Business School, participated in the Catalonia Model United Nations (C’MUN), an event organized by Barcelona’s City Council and by the Generalitat de Catalunya, Catalonia’s regional government. “Participating in C’MUN and representing UIBS, meeting a lot of graduate students from around the world, and learning how to discuss topics of international importance, was one of the most interesting activities I have engaged in so far”, says Samer, originally from Lebanon. “I would also like to thank the management and staff of the Barcelona Business School for giving me the opportunity to represent the school in a C’MUN delegation”.

The event was organized over 4 days and saw more than 350 participants from all over the world. Samer represented Egypt in the UNESCO committee, a choice  made due to having experienced issues similar to the ones discussed during the event. “The main topics at the event were human rights, labor organizations and UNESCO. We discussed several concerns regarding the influence of new technology over communication and media. Consensus was then reached after much deliberation and reflection”.

The general purpose of a Model United Nations is to organize a simulation of the actual United Nations Organization with the aim of educating participants about matters related to communication, globalization and diplomacy. Samer believes that “participating in a Model United Nations is a unique experience as it increases your ability to debate, negotiate and find solutions for global issues”.