Students from the Zurich campus visit Zurich Airport

Students from the Zurich campus recently visited the Kloten Airport. We’re all familiar with airport procedures, check-in, security check and boarding. But what happens behind the scenes of these airport procedures. In the beginning of June our students got a chance to find out. Being led by a Swissport guide our students started their visit at the check-in area of terminal 1 at the airport. With more then 25 million passengers per year, the Zurich airport is the largest international airport in Switzerland. Their guide explained them how the airport was built, the different areas, and what the future development plans were for the airport, as they need to be able to accommodate the ever increasing number of passengers and visitors.

After going through security, our students were able to access some of the areas that are usually staff only access. For example they were able to observe the arrival of a plane to the gate. Aircrafts loading and unloading on the ramps, the baggage service etc…

They were able to stop at the second stage of three baggage security control levels. At the second stage the baggage goes through a scanner for which the staff has to determine whether the content is safe or not. This job requires such a high degree of concentration that it cannot be performed by the same person for more then 40 minutes. If the baggage looks suspicious then it is sent to the police.

Students were able to see all kinds of crazy things that passengers try to carry on board, such as fireworks, car batteries etc… The visit ended at the baggage sorting facilities.