Students of the Zurich campus visit MIGROS Headquarters

The students of the Zurich campus together with the local Dean visited Migros headquarters, Switzerland’s largest retailing company. With more than 87.000 employees they are the biggest private employer in the country. The origin of the Migros names lies in the mixture of the two French words “demi” and “en gros”.

Whilst receiving a very warm welcome with hot beverages and snack, they watched an info video regarding the corporation’s history and of its founder, Gottlieb Duttweiler. Everything started with 5 trucks and 6 products; nowadays Migros counts 10 cooperatives and a strong regional coverage stretching over 3300 shops and outlets.

After the info video, the visit started with a viewing of their logistics center for distribution of fresh products. Almost each logistics center has its own railway station. As every day more than 400 wagons travel across Switzerland, it makes Migros the largest customer of SBB cargo.

Later that noon, our students got to enjoy a complementary lunch at the company’s cafeteria.

The Migros Corporation includes in its operations banking activities, restaurants, sports & leisure shops, language schools, and a travel agency.

Besides its activities as a retailer, Migros promotes and finances cultural, sport, educational and social projects investing around 100 million CHF every year.