Alumni News: Barcelona Business School alumni Stephan Maric launches, The Sports Revolution, goes out of beta

Santa Monica, CALIFORNIA – January 22nd, 2008 –  eFans today announced it has concluded Beta successfully and is in full production. The updated and expanded version of the website features a very user friendly design and many new exciting features such as live scores, news, stats  and a section for videos that are interconnected directly with YouTube.

In less than three months, has received sizeable attention in the sports industry and has attracted users worldwide. eFans has just signed a partnership agreement with PA Sports, the leading sports news agency in the world.  This partnership will provide eFans users with all of the statistical information of any team, athlete or sport they are interested in as well as current scores, news and standings.

eFans is very close to finalizing deals with some of the world’s best venture capitalist firms.  Allocation of the funds will include the development of the next phase of the website and a marketing campaign that will target the top sporting events around the world. The next major release of the website will be launched in mid 2008 and will include fantasy games, online betting, market place, venues, events and eFans TV.

eFans currently has more than 1,000 sports-related networks, each based on teams and athletes. These networks allow every team and athlete in the world to have an online community where they can connect directly with their fans. Users can become part of sports networks as diverse as David Beckham, the Boston Red Sox, Maria Sharapova, Tiger Woods and Manchester United.

eFans founder and CEO Stephan Maric states, “I am very excited about the sports community’s acceptance of the website. The attention we’ve received in our first few months has been amazing. Emerging from a successful Beta, and now in full production, we believe eFans will become the website of choice for sports fans worldwide.”