Barcelona Business School launches new Graduate Specialization in Design Management

Starting October 2008, Barcelona Business School will offer a new Master in Design Management, targeting two distinct groups of students: designers and managers.

The Master in Design Management is intended for those who are, or who want to be, active in the world of design and who would like to complement their previous studies and experience with management studies at the graduate level. The program is also intended for those who already have a professional or academic background in business and who are truly interested in design.

The Master program transforms designers into managers and also enables managers and entrepreneurs to bridge the gap between managerial skills, entrepreneurial initiative and designer opinions and attitudes. Sooner or later, as a designer, you will get in contact with people who manage and coordinate large projects or companies. Coordinating involves taking managerial decisions to ensure the future success of the project at hand.

The Master in Design Management can easily be combined with any other Master program into a Dual Master program, which allows for an ideal focus on the required qualities to develop and manage a successful design business. Electives can be chosen from any of the other core courses and orientation courses.

Orientation Courses of the Master in Design Management program include:

  • Fundamentals of Design Management
  • Design, Marketing and Innovation
  • Design, Strategy and Transformation
  • Design Management in Practice