Extra-curricular activities Fall quarter

Students from our Antwerp and Brussels campuses were guided to the well-known local “De Koninck” brewery in Antwerp by our local Campus Coordinator Linda Wyninckx. The brewery is the last one located in the heart of the city and has existed since 1833. Students toured the brewery and saw the different theme rooms that showcase the entire history of Antwerp as a beer city and the whole brewing process. The trip ended, as any beer brewery tour should, with a tasting. Coincidentally, joined by local Campus Coordinator Camila Cepeda, students from the Barcelona campus also toured the Estrella Damm factory.

At our Zurich campus, joined by local Campus Coordinator Mirna Vieira and Marketing Director Stephanie Kirschstein, students visited the local Swiss Post distribution center. After receiving an introductory presentation about Swiss post and all its distribution centers and operations, students toured the center where they saw how post is being received, collected and sorted for further distribution to their destinations.

Each campus also organized their quarterly extra-curricular seminars, this quarter in Excel for Business. Students were guided on how to actively use and include Excel in their daily lives, studies and professional activities. Additionally, the fall quarter marks one of our more important quarterly welcome drinks to celebrate the start of the new academic year and to welcome all new students. Organized at each of our campuses, students can mingle with their old and new classmates as well as with alumni, staff and faculty members.