Extra-curricular activities Spring Quarter

Throughout the spring quarter several extra-curricular activities were organized throughout our campus network.

Together with local Academic Coordinator and Professor Lorenza Caenazzo, students from the Zurich campus went to the local Coca Cola plant in Dietlikon, located right outside the city. Students received a short informative seminar about Coca Cola’s history as well as an overview of the company and how they integrate sustainability throughout its production process. After their seminar, students were guided through the production plant where they could see how Coca Cola produces, mixes and packages its beverages.

Students from the Barcelona campus, together with local Academic Coordinator Teresa Byrne visited the SEAT factory in Martorell, where they viewed the entire assembly process on how cars are manufactured.

Meanwhile at our Antwerp and Brussels campuses, accompanied by local Campus Coordinator Linda Wyninckx, our students visited the main Nike distribution center in Laakdal. After arriving at the center students were welcomed by a company representative and received a presentation on Nike, ranging from company history, to the origin of the logo, to various fact about the company, including their European distribution network.

During the spring quarter students from across the campus network also participated in the “Contracts for non-legal professionals” seminar organized at the Barcelona campus. The seminar included various workshops and business case studies, as well as theoretical principles on contracting law, spread over 3 days.