Extra-curricular activities Winter quarter

During the winter quarter students from the Madrid campus visited IVECO, an Italian industrial group headquartered in Turin, Italy, that designs, builds and manufactures commercial and special vehicles used for firefighting and cross-country missions for military and civil defense. The visit began with an introduction presentation where they gave our students an introduction of the company, emphasizing on the history of how Iveco was formed, and how they are currently one of the most important providers of freight vehicles in the world. Joined by local Academic Coordinator Dora Szerenyi, students received a tour of the plant facilities where they were shown the levels of production stages that are needed to complete a vehicle, as well as the various quality controls implemented.

In the meantime, students from the Barcelona campus visited the local Danone factory, where the production of various yoghurts is done. Students were joined by local Academic Coordinator Teresa Byrne and received an introductory seminar from one of the staff members explaining Danone’s story as well as various company details. After the presentation students received a tour of the factory and finished the visit with a tasting.

Meanwhile at our Zurich campus, students visited Rega, located in a separate hangar right next to Zurich International Airport. Rega, founded in 1953 is a national and in certain cases international emergency medical air assistance service. Joined by local Campus Coordinator Mirna Vieira and Marketing Director Stephanie Kirschstein, students received a short seminar from one of Rega’s former CEOs, explaining the history of how Rega came into existence, and explaining about its various operations. After the seminar, the group proceeded with a tour of the hangar where several of their emergency choppers are stationed. The Zurich station also houses their one and only emergency call center. Rega has several stations located across Switzerland to dispatch emergency response teams immediately upon receiving a call.

Additionally, several students from across the campus network joined us for our annual Global study trip during the mid-quarter break week. The trip was organized at our Satellite campus in Tokyo, and is our third successful Global study trip to date.