Graduate students attend Asian Management course at the Valencia Business School

Fostering inter-campus exchanges and networking, several graduate students from all campuses recently joined a graduate seminar course in Asian Management at the Valencia Business School that took place during the mid-quarter break of the fall quarter.

The course was offered by Dr. Ivan Tselichtchev from Russia, the local Representative Director at the Tokyo Business School. Professor Tselichtchev is involved also with the Niigata University of Management, is a regular participant and speaker at the Global Business Meetings organized by Horasis, and is a commentator for the CNBC TV channel. Specializing in business and management in Asia, he is the author of the best-seller “Asia’s Turning Point” and co-author of many others. He has written more than 300 articles in English, Japanese and Russian published by prominent academic magazines and newspapers around the world.

“We had a good time in Valencia during the break and learned a lot during the course. It focused intensively on Asian economies and working with Asian companies, and was taught by a very knowledgeable professor”, says Jonas Albinsson from Sweden (Campus Barcelona).

The graduate specialization program in Asian Management is offered at the Tokyo campus.