Mr. Edgar Barroso, Associate Dean at the Madrid Business School, invited to speak at the ExpoFranquicia 2012 trade fair in Madrid, Spain

Mr. Edgar Barroso, the local Associate Dean at the Madrid Business School, has been invited to speak at the 18th International Franchising Trade Fair in Madrid on April 19-21, 2012. During one of the organized discussion forums, and along with several other partners Mr. Edgar Barroso will be moderating a panel that will discuss in more details the training of franchisees.

The previous trade fair in 2011 was mostly attended by individuals in the travel, catering, IT and cosmetics industries, as well as by general management consultants. The main purpose of attending the trade fair is to look for new business and investment opportunities as well as out of general interest and network expansion. Over 20% of the attendees plan to invest more than EUR 100.000 in the near future in their franchising activities.

The trade fair is organized by IFEMA, Madrid and Spain’s most important trade fair institution, governed by the city council of Madrid, the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the bank Caja Madrid.