Student News: Barcelona Business School student Jon Orn Gudbjartsson awarded scholarship from the Iceland Chamber of Commerce

Barcelona Business School student Jon Orn Gudbjartsson was one of four to receive a scholarship from the Icelandic Chamber of Commerce last February. This is due to Gudbjartsson’s exceptional success in his studies at Barcelona Business School where he is pursuing two degrees, a Master/MBA in e-Business and in Business Communication and Public Relations. The grant from the Icelandic Chamber of Commerce is awarded annually to those Icelandic students, studying abroad, that are most likely to strengthen the Icelandic economy with their skills, knowledge and professional contribution.

Jon Orn Gudbjartsson, who is the first Icelander to study at BBS along with his wife Rut Gunnarsdottir, received the grant from the Minister of education of Iceland, Thorgerdur Katrin Gunnarsdottir. The grant was delivered at an annual business conference in Reykjavik.

The Iceland Chamber of Commerce is an association of enterprises, companies, and individuals, from all sectors of the Icelandic business community. It is an independent voluntary organization, established in 1917, and has always been free of state involvement or official contributions.

The Chamber represents most of the major enterprises in Iceland, large and small, and is financed by membership and service fees. It operates two highly ranked schools in Iceland, the Reykjavik University and the Commercial College of Iceland.

Jon Orn Gudbjartsson