Student News: Barcelona Business School student Jun-Hwan Park to participate in Model United Nations conference 2007

About Jun-Hwan Park

Born in 1985 in Santiago Chile, “Jun” was raised by multi-cultural surroundings. Both parents South Korean, educated by international schools, he will graduate from Barcelona Business School with a Bachelor degree in Business Communication and Public Relations. August 2004, Jun moved from Santiago to Alfred University, New York; however, Jun rapidly realized his desire for exposure to the European culture and moved to sunny Barcelona in 2005.

After attending GIMUN 2007, his first MUN, he felt he found his calling. At MILMUN 2007 he received an Honorary Mention, granting confidence in his aptitude to chair the Conference of Disarmament at ZAGIMUN 2007. Jun has been told that he’s a Jack-of-all-trades and likes to consider that impossible is nothing and also that there are no problems without a solution.

The Zagreb International Model United Nations (ZAGIMUN) is an annual United Nations simulation for university students organized by the Center for International Cooperation in Zagreb, Croatia.